Thassos is the northest of all the Greek islands . The area reaches 398 km2 while the highest point is the Psario or Ipsarion of nearly 1070 meters. This island has a wetter climate than the rest of the islands of the Aegean Sea and is not subject to winds. That's how the immense of green is justified, as well as areas with trees such as pine, walnut, the sycamore and chestnut. Unfortunately sporadic fires in 1985 and 1989 but brought tremendous damage to the forests of the island.

The island of Thassos is known for its clean beaches and hospitality, as well as the delicious wine and the excellent honey. The island's history begins in ancient times, when the island was famous for its gold mines but for its marble. So you can easily make your trip to the island special about visiting its archaeological sites. Furthermore the enormous marble factories, which produce the world famous white marble, will amaze you.


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